About Us

Billy of BillysBassoonReeds holding Albert on the beach of Bombay Beach in California

I am Billy, and that cutie is Albert. I am a graduate of the University of Delaware who has been making reeds for myself and others for many years. I wanted to share my ability and reach out to bassoonists and contrabassoonists everywhere by providing affordable, high quality reeds. Being a bassoon player myself I understand how difficult it can be to find reeds online, that are still affordable and reliable.

A set of reeds sitting on a windowsill

All reeds are meticulously hand crafted by me with the intent of easy playing, great intonation, and versatility in sound production. The blanks I provide are worked in enough to be playable throughout but still allow for personal adjustments to be made. The finished reeds are all tested by me and made to have a dark, rich sound while still being free and articulate. The contrabassoon reeds are also finished to with the aim of accurate intonation and a rich, vibrant tone that accentuates the gorgeous low sounds of the instrument.

I hope to provide reliable, affordable, and beautiful reeds to bassoon and contrabassoon players everywhere. I know my reeds will give the player a peace of mind, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their playing. I have also given the option of many different colors of thread to help give each reed a more unique and personal quality for the player.

I am currently a K-8 music and band teacher as well as a reed maker, living in Colorado. I am originally from NJ and lived in Arizona for many years. I recently graduated from Grand Canyon University with my masters and I am on to my next adventure!

A beautiful mountain scene in Colorado