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Finished Basoon Reed

Finished Basoon Reed

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All reeds are meticulously finished to be the best possible asset to the beginning, intermediate, or even professional bassoonist. Allowing for the highest level of musicality and versatility, these reeds are crafted to have a free blowing, consistent feel, a rich, round tone, and solid intonation.

The photos are provided to give examples of the variations.

All reeds are shipped in durable plastic tubes that can be used for soaking. These tubes should not be used for storage of wet or moist reeds, as this will cause mold.

Please allow for 5 days of processing time as all reeds are made and finished to order. Additional reeds may require additional time to finish.


Reed Cane

Brass Wire

Nylon or Cotton Thread

Duco Cement

Shipping & Returns

If any reed or blank arrives broken or unplayable I will be happy to discuss either sending out a replacement or refund for the order. Please allow for about 5 days for reeds to be finished, additional reeds will require additional time to complete. Thank you for understanding and please let me know if you have any questions

Care Instructions

All reeds and blanks are shipped in durable plastic tubes that can be used for soaking or storage. These tubes should NOT be used for storage of wet or moist reeds, as this will cause mold. With proper storage, your reeds should be playable and reliable for a long time but be careful of how you store them. Be sure they are dry!

No reed or blank should be stored in a closed container while wet or moist as this could cause mold or mildew.

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All bassoon and contrabassoon reeds and blanks are hand crafted from start to finish with ease of playing, rich tone, and intonation in mind. All blanks can have the collar cut in and/or the tip clipped but will not be tested before shipment, while reeds are play-tested and finished to your exact specifications. Please reach out for information about orders and if you have any questions!


  • Hassle-Free Exchanges

    We do not accept returns for reeds or blanks but will offer refunds or replacements for reeds or blanks that arrive in an unplayable condition. If a reed is broken, cracked, or has some other defect that makes it unplayable please contact us at Please note that you will need to provide photos of the reeds or blanks to show the damage to the product so we can discuss options.